Ela Ecoland-The Green Camp: A Destination by Itself

It's Not Just Another Resort in Munnar

Embrace Nature at The Green CampYears ago, when I first set my eyes on this slice of green earth, I was so enthralled by its serenity, I set up a makeshift camp and roughed it out for days on end. That was my initiation into the joys of living close to nature. How much more enjoyable would it be to share this experience that at once elevates one's spirit and refreshes one's body, with family and friends? Thus began the story of Ela Ecoland, The Green Camp.

What started out as my secret hideaway soon had a cottage and treehouse built to welcome my closest friends and family. Soon I began flooded with requests from friends of friends, their friends and some who would love to become friends if it meant an invitation to spend a weekend at the camp. Then someone hinted that it must be an extreme case of selfishnesh that stopped me from thowing the gates of the camp open to the world at large. I gave in to reason, and started welcoming guests in a limited way, though I was clear about not letting the property grow to fit in the number of guests that would increase by  the day in a place like Munnar. Even to this day, I turn away many more potential guests than could find accommodation at Ela Ecoland, The Green Camp. The creature comforts at the Camp have seen a marked improvement by all means, but any such improvement had to fit in with the theme of low-impact tourism that did not exploit the habitat.

You won't ever find a crowd at Ela Ecoland, the Green Camp. Almost always, it's friends or family that you bring along who would make up your companions at the camp. Such is the exclusivity of the place, it has made many honeymooners fall in love with nature just as they do with each other.

It's a pleasure for me to see Mother Nature drawing guests to the Camp like a magnet and transforming them by infusing her incessant raw energy that permeates them through body and soul.

My passion for nature has grown over the years, and perhaps matured. It now finds expresion in  sharing with like-minded guests this Nature's bounty of which I am just the keeper. I strive to be the perfect host to those guests who make it to the really, really short list of guests at Ela Ecoland The Green Camp. If your name is on the list, I've just made another friend for life.

Come, explore Nature



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It's Not a Hotel, It's Not a Resort... It's the Only Green Camp in Munnar

For a first time visitor, Munnar is all green, cool and misty. But there’s a rich lore of history waiting to be told by this quaint hill station of Kerala. The vast tracts of tea estates wee once favoured by the British rulers of colonial India s their summer capital. Munnar owes its heritage as the tea county of southern India to the Scottish planters who endured the hazards of an unexplored land.

Unlike many other hill stations, tourism is not the mainstay of Munnar. Acres and acres of tea plantations big and small lend this quaint hill town its unique charm as well as employment to thousands of its residents.

The breathtakingly picturesque landscapes of Munnar more than justifies why Kerala is called the God’s own country. One of the most popular holiday destinations in India, and ever growing in popularity, Munnar offers a sight of unending expanse of tea gardens, the aroma of spice in the air and exotic species of flora and fauna.

Munnar lies at a lofty with an altitude ranging from 1600 to 1800 meters above sea level, a fact that explains the cool climes that during winter might fall blow 0 C.

Finding accommodation in Munnar is at once easy and difficult, whether you are a seasoned traveller or a first time visitor. Munnar has an abundance of resorts and hotels that fit everyone’s budget.

Ela Ecoland is neither a hotel, nor a resort. It’s unique in that it’s the only Green Camp in Munnar. Green Camp is an emerging concept in ecotourism. Green Camp is a self-contained slice of nature where accommodation units merge well with nature and occupies only a fraction of the available land.

At Ela Ecoland, the first and only Green Camp in Munnar, there are only three accommodation units and a treehouse. These include a cottage with two comfortably furnished rooms and an outdoor camping tent on the bank of a stream that passes by the Green Camp. The c cottage and treehouse are prime examples of eco-friendly and sustainable construction that lean heavily on ethnic styles. The rest of the three and a half acres of fertile land is dedicated to the cause of organic farming. Food is served steaming hot using mostly ingredients sourced locally and from within the organic farm. The location of Ela Ecoland is another factor that sets it apart from the number of hotels and resorts in downtown Munnar. Situated at a comfortable distance from the business district of Munnar at Kallar, Ela Ecoland is the Camp closest to Mankulam with its unexplored evergreen forests.

Ela Ecoland aims not just to preserve the habitat, it contributes positively by engaging in and promoting ecologically sustainable methods of farming and tourism.

Ela Ecoland is for the discerning traveller who at once wants to take the path less taken and enjoy the nature’s bounty without

Munnar Packages

Ela Ecoland offers a variety of thematic holiday packages for tourists, adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts and campers. These are besides the regular sightseeing trips that find mention in typical tour packages.

Munnar Adventure Tours

Munnar attracts its modest share of adventure tourists, too. destination and is famous for various adventure pursuits such as trekking, paragliding, rope climbing and mountaineering. Activities includes Trekking, Camping, Rock Climbing, River Crossing, Paragliding, Wild Jeep Safari and Camping

Camping Holidays in Munnar

Conducted on hills and hillocks, spice plantations, tea plantations, shola forests, scrub jungles, vegetable fields, paddy fields. Campers can explore the region by spending upto a week in these different terrains. To observe flora and fauna and especially wildlife, including several endangered species in the sanctuaries of Kerala, Western Ghats. They constitute an important swathe of the last surviving tracts of a unique ecosystem. One of the worlds last surviving tracts of tropical biodiversity and its terrain characterized by extensive stretches of wilderness. Aborigine Tribes, Hidden Treasures, Tree Houses, Muniyara (Hermitages) and Exotic Wildlife and more.

Wildlife and Birding Expeditions

The ecosystem of the 125-sq km-wide Mankulam forest division is throbbing with rich and varied fauna and flora. Needless to say, this region is home to hundreds of exotic species of birds and offers a rewarding holiday for the birding enthusiast (Ela Ecoland arranges bird watching guided tours on request). Mankulam forest division is a high-altitude region predominated by grassland shola. There are low-lying evergreen forests too. Mankulam is located between Adimali and Munnar, xx km xxx of Ela Ecoland. Anakkulam is another forest division close to Mankulam, and known for its many elephant trails that lead to their watering holes and streams.

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