Tree house

The Tree House is the most beautiful structure at Ela Ecoland. Around 60 feet above the ground level, tied to five large trees, of which one goes through the middle of the house. The views are that of the waterfall and the small river flowing by. In all respects, this is one of the best speciality lodging options available in Munnar.

Luxury Tent

A concrete platform with a tiled bathroom and a fixed roof, the luxury tent gets the name from the cloth that is tied around the structure. The room itself is around 160 square feet in size and can accommodate two extra mattress. The view from the private sit out is the long view of the waterfalls and the river.

Rock House Rooms

The Rock house rooms are the basic rooms that we have, a two bedroom structure with a common balcony. Both the rooms are sold seperatly, however it is going to be fun for someone looking for more than one room under one roof. 

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