We love being a Pet Friendly Resort in Munnar

Ela Ecoland is one of the best #petfriendly resorts in Munnar. We have a lot of guests come to our property with their lovely pet. The expanse we have here is amazing when the pet is especially a dog. Whether it be cats or dogs, it is not just us who enjoy having them here, but other guests also love the vibe of these four legged beauties.

The below video is about Amigo exploring the place!

In recent years, we have had a lot of guests coming to us with their pets, instead of putting them in pet hostels they just come over with their pets, as pet hostels are at times emotionally traumatic for them. They really miss their masters in these circumstances.

It is only a few conditions that we have to accommodate your pets with us.

- The pet details have to be informed to us in prior.

- We do not entertain ferocious dogs like Rottweiler, Doberman etc.

- The master of the dog has to take up the responsibility for any mischief.

The below picture - Delfi has just arrived at our place

The pet would be sharing the same room that of the master and for food, we can cook what you have or you can let us know what is your routine, so that we can be prepared for it.

If you ask us the most interesting pet guest we had

It was a friendly dachshund, a black dachshund named Rooby - she loved the stream at our place and each time we threw a ball, she would swim and get it back. It was a single lady traveller with her dog, we will never forget our guest and Rooby. It was fun and we had funny interaction sessions with Rooby and the whole team thoroughly enjoyed it

In fact we had a plan to add a dog member to our team, our security needs company. But later we were a bit skeptical whether if everyone would accept it well. Anyways, we love dogs and if you are planning to come to Munnar with you dog friend, we are more than happy to welcome you.

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