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Bus options from Cochin to Munnar Via Aluva and Cochin Airport

We have been receiving a lot of queries with regard to public transportation options from Cochin to Munnar. So we thought of posting an update about the available public transportation options from Cochin, Cochin Airport, Ernakulam to Munnar. There are Private buses and Government run state bus options available to Munnar. Here we will be explaining more about the routes, the options to Munnar. The below picture show the primary places in the district of Ernakulam which you might come across with regard to your travel to Munnar.

Fort Cochin – one of the prime tourist destination in Cochin. This is otherwise recognized as the Old Cochin or the older part of the Cochin, a center of business during the colonial era in Cochin. Ernakulam – The new cochin, or the modern area referred to as the City. The railway station and the Bus station are in Ernakulam. Aluva – The biggest town after Ernakulam in the district of Ernakulam. Aluva is the nearest railway station to Munnar. There are frequent buses from Aluva Government Bus station and Private Bus station to Munnar. Nedumbassery – This is where the Cochin International Airport is located. Perumbavoor – All buses from Ernakulam and Aluva go via Perumbavoor to Munnar.

Kyros Connects – Cochin to Munnar (Via Cochin Airport)

The most convenient option to Reach Munnar by public transport would be an Air-conditioned bus service operated by Kyros Connects. The Kyros connects bus would start from Fort Cochin and goes to Munnar via Aluva – Cochin Airport – Perumbavoor and further head to Munnar. The Bus starts from Fort Cochin at 0830 hours, passes Aluva at 0945 hours and pass Cochin Airport at 1000 hours. This would be the most convenient and easiest option to Munnar from Fort Cochin, Ernakulam, Aluva (railway station) or anyone who lands at Cochin Airport before 0945 hours. The bus heads straight to Munnar via Perumbavoor and reaches Munnar (via Kallar) by 1425 hours. Tickets could be reserved in advance from their website – or from bus booking websites like or All the timings mentioned are scheduled timing and this could vary depending on traffic conditioned and other unforeseen circumstances.

Low Floor Air-conditioned buses by State road corporation.

There is a low floor Air Conditioned bus that operates from Alleppey to Munnar via Ernakulam (Vytilla Hub), Aluva and Perumbavoor. Seats can be reserved from the Kerala Urban road transport corporation website The bus starts from Alleppey at 0830 hours and passes by Ernakulam (Vytilla Hub) at 1030 hours, passes by Aluva at 11:30 hours. Unfortunately, this bus does not go via Cochin Airport, so in case if your flight lands before 10:45 hours, you can hire a pre-paid taxi or a UBER / OLA to Aluva Bus station from where you can board this particular state run bus. This bus reaches Munnar by 1500 hours. All the timings mentioned are scheduled timing and this could vary depending on traffic conditioned and other unforeseen circumstances.

Private and State run buses from Aluva

Aluva is the nearest railway station to Munnar town, there are frequent Non-Airconditioned buses from Aluva to Munnar operated by state road transport corporation and private bus operators. There are two bus stations in Aluva, The one near the railway station, (5 mins walk from the railway station) is the state-run bus station and the other one is the private bus station (5 minutes from the Railway station by car or auto-rickshaw) In case if you are unable to get any of the above options Air conditioned bus options. You can straight come to either of the bus station in Aluva and enquire for the next bus to Munnar. There are frequent buses from the Government run KSRTC bus station.


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