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Top 5 interesting things do at Ela Ecoland Munnar

Ela Ecoland is a beautiful Nature Retreat close to Munnar that offers some of the best distinct speciality lodging options in Munnar. The property is one of its kind on the banks of the Kallar Nallathani river which passes through our property in the form of a waterfall. The gushing ambiance is always there throughout the year that keeps to the vibe of the place. Ela Ecoland is quite different the way it, here are the top interesting things do and see at this little cardamom plantation.

Cardamom & Coffee Plantation

The three and a half acres of Ela Ecoland is mostly planted with cardamom and coffee, which are planted to withhold the soil as we have a very loose terrain. Almost half of Ela Ecoland is a mountain slope with narrow winding pathways over it. Conveyance is difficult, but the view of the river will compensate for it. The Nature Retreat mostly falls in the Cardamom Hill reserves which are allocated geographical terrains for cardamom cultivation. During earlier days these area fell into the C zone of cardamom plantation which is sort to be an area with very less yield. During due course of time, change in weather and rainfall, the yield has gone up substantially which means the are produces some top class cardamom. We explain about how cardamom is so grown, and how it identified as the queen of spices. Coffee is another plant (tree) that we have at Ela Ecoland, after the month of December, it becomes ripe enough to be plucked. These are certain elements that you cannot see everywhere.

The Kallar Nallathani river and the waterfalls

Ela Ecoland has a large waterfall which is partially covered by a small island. The water flows down through larger rocks into the Valley at Ela Ecoland and forms like a larger river and flows down. Being a very slanting rock formation, you literally cannot see it as a large waterfall but a formation of rock within which the water flows down. This waterfalls makes a magnificent ambient noise, something like that you hear when you are at a beach. The river has scope for some rafting and guests can get down when it is not monsoon. It is this river that flow down into the Kallar waterfalls, the one when you see while passing by Kallar - on route between Adimaly and Munnar.

The honeybee box

Being a cardamom plantation with many large wild trees around, our area is a good source of wild flowers. This in turn give very good scope to culture honeybees. Honeybees are grown in boxes where they built beehives with their Queen leading the gang. We have kept just one double box and that gives scope to collect enough honey from the area. The cardamom and coffee plantation also benefit from the honeybees through cross Pollination. We collect the honey once in three months and I should say they are some of the best one could ever have. This is what we call natural honey, the manufactured honey is the one where sugared water is kept around the honeybee boxes. Honeybees collect sugar from these waters, which is very much an artificial process. We used to keep some at our restaurant for guests to taste, once some of them took it away considering it to be complimentary. So we have kept it inside, when guests get to see the honeybee box, we give some to enjoy the taste.


Angling is some thing that has hundred percent scope at our place. We do have a rode and the string with us and we do it for ourselves once in a while. Catfish is something that we have caught numerous time along with some local fish species. Patience is the game when it comes to angling, at Ela Ecoland the fish get into the hook every now and then, provided you know the art.

Rudraksha Tree

Rudraksha is the a beads that are used to make a mala which acts like rosary while praying in Hinduism. This is mostly found Shaivism, Siva the god of destruction wears it on his head. The tree is scientifically called Elaeocarpus ganitrus and mostly grows in the foothills of the Himalayas and the gangetic plains in North of India. It is considered to be a holy elements in Shaivism and so is the tree. The Rudraksha tree is found in other places of the Western Ghats as well in the forests on the way from Munnar to Kodaikanal after Kottakamboor. It is not common to see the tree everywhere, so we show it tour our guests. Some of them collect the beads for the bottom of the tree and search for good ones with less faces. You get to know about it when you see it.

So hope everyone enjoyed knowing about these little peculiar things and activities that we have at our place. Dont forget to have look at our facebook page for latest activities and thing that we have around at Ela Ecoland. In case if you are looking to book your stay in our Tree House or for that matter any of the rooms, please be in touch with us over phone at 9400946800 or send us an email to Thanks for being here.


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