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Ela Ecoland is Reopened - A new beginning

We are here to share the glad news that we are reopening Ela Ecoland after a long break and we feel so happy. Against all odds we feel ourselves like a tiny blade of grass, pushing aside layers of dirt and and rocks to reach the sunshine of the world above. Since 2018, we had troublesome times starting from the great Keala floods to the novel coronavirus pandemic, we are back in business from 20th of November 2020.

The other day during Diwali holidays I could see loads of travelers driving up to Munnar, which seems to be a very good sign. With no income for the past eight to nine months, I think finally we have started to see light at the end of the tunnel. Covid-19 has brought new norms, like masked faces, social distancing and temperature checks. The new normal is going to be an interesting journey for all of us together.

What has changed at Ela Ecoland

We have completely reorganised ourselves, the old team has left, the new team has come up with just me remaining. James & Jithin are new faces of Ela who are determined to take up the challenges and benefits of this new journey.

And for the tangible elements, the restaurant has been shifted to the top of the mountain, and we abandoned two building at the valley close to the river for a lot of reasons. The best tree house in Munnar is at Ela Ecoland and we are proud to host such an interesting concept for our amazing guests. The luxury tent cloths are replaced- it gets a fresh look, and the rock house rooms are done with some touch ups here and there.

In short we are ready with masks, hand sanitizers and infrared thermometers to welcome you in the context of the new normal. I think it is enough of writing, rest is for you to come and experience.

For enquiries - get in touch with us - Shoot a message to +91 9400 946800 on Whatsapp! or shoot an email to


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