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We have some coffee available for you – Blog update

Last year we had a very late coffee harvest at Ela, the harvest we had to sell it as we were under some very critical cash crunch. And the price we got for it was terribly low, in fact, we regret selling it. We should have roasted and used it for ourselves. So this time we have decided to keep the most part of the coffee for ourselves, and use is at Ela Ecoland.

It has been some years that the Coffee have gone some maintenance or care. The coffee here has just grown up like any other tree through the seasons. It has become tall and most of the crop are at unreachable heights. We are going to prune all of them, they way it should be. While the harvest was going on, the fair idea of planning to a short program for our guests was just born. Yes, “Story of the Coffee Bean”. The story from the moment it is plucked, sun dried, roasted, powdered and finally make a cup of coffee out of it. Enjoy the below video, do ask for this program when you are here, we would be most happy to assist you making your cup of Coffee at Ela Ecoland.

Hope you enjoyed the video, for your stay at Ela, please send us an email to or call us at 9400946800. We would be more than happy to assist you with the reservation.


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