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What does traveller review award mean to us

On the outset we would like to thank all of the travellers who have stayed with us at Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat Munnar. Ela Ecoland has been in existence for over a decade and it has been a heaven for people who have interest in nature and adventure. Since we do not fall in the mainstream hotel and resorts in Munnar or for that matter in Kerala, our kind of guests are a bit different. Generally our guests are young, they are with a lot of energy and they know what they are choosing, and that is the reason why we call them "the discerning travelers"

Once upon a time it was TripAdvisor that everyone counted and though it was a messy situation with a lot of fake reviews on the feed, people still referred it. At times it was easy to spot these fake reviews, and it did not matter much for us. The reviews on are from real guests who have stayed with us and so these reviews are really credible in nature. Other travellers could identify and imagine what to expect. In a way speaking, more than the award itself, as a team we find an element of satisfaction for the hard work we put in giving the best experience in Munnar for our guests. The reviews are genuine and so is the award.

It is not just, we are listed in a few other travel websites like, and a lot more Indian as well as International Travel websites who have listed resorts in Munnar. This gives an opportunity for our guests to book through various channels apart from getting in touch with us directly. We know that it is not yet done, there is enough room for improvement and we would be working wholeheartedly in bring more smiles for our guests. Once again we would like to thank all of our guests who have stayed with us for narrating us as to what we are and helping us achieve this award.


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