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A great place for small team meetups and retreats

Team meetups are fun and is kind of a "releasing the pressure valve" mechanism for many. New age companies make it a point to conduct it once or twice a year so that it brings new perspective and thoughts when colleagues travel and stay at a different space apart from their professional life. We have been happy to host a number of overnight team outings in Munnar, mostly for folks Trivandrum and Kochi. But things took a different turn when we had an enquiry from a Bangalore based startup for a three night program that too booking the entire property.

Typito is a video editing and kinetic typography software startup based out of Bangalore. A nine member team from across the country came over to Ela Ecoland for Typito's annual team meetup. Since all of them have been working from home since the nationwide lockdown in 2020, it was going to be entirely a different one. They communicate everyday for work, they even see over video conferencing, but not in real.

in February 2021 they came over and it was a delight for us to see so many people coming to our place. They came with a very planned agenda, making sure that every one of them used the best of their time at Ela Ecoland. It was going to be a relieved as well as extended holiday in Munnar with colleagues.

They planned some board games, some work related meetings and brainstorming, shared stories, walked around our place, more or less they were here all the while during their stay. And finally on the last day, they had a trek to Kannadipara and later a dip at the Viripara Waterfalls in Munnar. All meals from the Ela Ecoland and finally it ended up with a cardamom plantation walk without property.

For us, it brought in a lot of confidence that we could organise interesting things at Ela Ecoland for a small group of people who are young and does have a mind to do interesting things.

Call us for planning you company team retreat for 2021 and we would be more than happy to assist you on this. It has already been a couple of lockdowns in Kerala, and I am sure that its time for a break! Get in touch with us over Whatsapp @ +91 9400946800.


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