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Why Ela Ecoland has the best tree house in Munnar

Tree house! A Common word that many travelers to the hills of Kerala often search for when they are looking for something different. One of its kind of specialty lodging option available in most hill ranges of Kerala. At Ela Ecoland, we have managed to erect a tree house among five large trees of which one of the trees goes through the middle of the tree house, with a spacious balcony overlooking the Kallar Nallathani river, the tree house here is exotic of the concept, the structure, and its location.

Unlike many tree house in Munnar, where more of it looks like elevated cottages close to the trees. The Tree House at Ela Ecoland looks stunning holding close to the real concept of the tree house, except for the entry, where there is a ramp from the rear. Tree houses have a rope ladder. However, we have setup a wooden ramp for guests to walk in and out. The tree house is built with wood and iron to hold it up among the trees, and the roofing is of tin sheets that are most common roofing available in the high ranges of the Western Ghats.

We have made a small video showing up different aspects of the tree house, the location, exterior, interior, the bed, bathroom and whole lot of details about the tree house, which will give you a complete glance of the concept.

Hope you enjoyed the video if you would love to know anything particular about the tree house you can call us or you can email us at To make a booking for this tree house you can follow the mentioned link -


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