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On Sale : Farm Fresh Green Cardamom from Kerala

If you are wondering where those cardamom pods in your kitchen shelves come from, probably the most single and precise answer would be "Kerala". At Ela Ecoland, we have a little green cardamom plantation and the rooms are nestled within these plantations. Eighty percent of the cardamom produce is consumed within India, and the ninety percent produce of Green Cardamom comes from the "Cardamom Hill Reserves" of Kerala, which is a patch of the high ranges that are exclusively allocated for Cardamom Plantation.

Ela Ecoland comes within these allocated patches of land dedicated for Cardamom Plantation. In the high ranges of Munnar, We produce some of the finest Indian Green Cardamom and the beauty is that you can buy the current year farm fresh cardamom when you stay with us, or if your visit is not yet planned, you don't have to wait for your trip. You can directly buy Indian Green Cardamom online from our website. When we mean farm fresh, we sell only our produce and you can be sure about the quality of the product. The product comes in a single size - 250 grams green cardamom pouches and we can delivery it anywhere in India.

For us Indians, Cardamom is an integral part of our cuisine. The Flavour and aroma of those curries and pulaos are evident when spices are used in the right manner, in the right proportion. Having said that, the quality of the spices also does impact on the final outcome. Green Cardamom is extensively used in Arab, Mediterranean and Indian Cuisines. The perfume and the pharmaceutical industry also has wide application of Green Cardamom, primarily through extracted oils. These little pods are a storehouse of a lot of vitamins and important nutrients including antioxidants. Its anti inflammatory properties are widely used in medicines.

Green Cardamom is a native to the Western Ghats of Southern India. It was the British who took it to South American country of Guatemala, where they found similar weather conditions and soil. Today Guatemala is the largest producer of Green Cardamom, however the Indian Green Cardamom stands top in terms of quality of the pods. Eighty percent of the Green Cardamom produced in the Cardamom Hills of Kerala are consumed within India, and ninety percent of the production happens in the Cardamom Hill Reserve and the rest of it is produced in various other parts of the country where a similar weather condition can be achieved. For example, new plantations are emerging in Other parts of the Western Ghats and the North Eastern States of India.

I hope this announcement about the sale of Farm Fresh Green Cardamom gives you an opportunity to get the best quality cardamom for the best price. I am thinking of posting more interesting stories of Cardamom in the upcoming posts, thank you for your time reading this post. See you in the next.


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