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When we met the photographer! at Ela Ecoland

We were so delighted to host the stay for Mr. Arjun Kallingal at Ela Ecoland. In case if you are wondering "Who is Arjun Kallingal", he is the photographer of the Malayalam movie "Jallikattu" - The Indian film that has been selected as India's entry to the 93rd Oscar Academy Awards. Many people from the movie industry come over to Ela for a break, mostly in between movies.

Considering that Ela Ecoland is a nature retreat, there is a whole fresh treat of subjects for nature photographers. But then here was a visit by a professional photographer associated with movies staying along with his family. We should say that even we ourselves had a great time hosting them, because we gained a lot of ideas and perspective while interacting with Arjun & family. A family man, we always used to wonder which is his first love - Family or photography ?

We had a waterfall trek organised for him, where his son enjoyed it to the best. We are so fortunate to have a waterfall flowing through our property and it would be a photographer's delight to find picture perfect frames that bubbles with life in and around us.

"Arjun's favourite room was the rock house room - He said the room give him good vibes"

Just like people comment about our property both positive and negative, we ourselves have our own comments which are always private. It is not just for us, it would be the same for almost all small properties because it becomes a small temporary family of guests and host in a short limited time, because we get to know more about each other in a few hours time.

For us, Arjun's presence gave us a great time of fun and some serious achievement of ideas and positive vibes. With this blog, we would like to put a mark online to establish that we loved hosting the stay for Arjun Kallingal & Family.


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